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Analyze Combi Boiler Costs

How Much Does a Combi Boiler Cost?

Typically, a new combi boiler costs between £500 and $3,000. Your new combi boiler installation could cost anywhere from £550 to £2,500, depending on how difficult the replacement process would be.

For many households in the UK, combi boilers are an excellent choice for the boiler. They supply hot water instantly and directly from the mainlines. As a result, you spend less money because less energy is used to heat up water.

Since combi boilers don’t need a cold water tank or a hot water cylinder, you can also save on installation costs. They are consolidated into a single unit, which makes them a fantastic choice for smaller houses.

Combi boiler operations
  1. Mains cold water in 
  2. Water is heated on demand in the combi boiler 
  3. heated water to the house
  4. steady heating for the central heating system
  5. cold and hot water available on demand
  6. return of cold water

You may compare the best combi boiler rates in your area using the free, no-obligation form provided by GreenSaving Network. You’ll get the best, most affordable prices as a result, and you’ll be better able to make an objective conclusion.

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What Elements Affect the Cost of a Combi Boiler?

Numerous factors affect combi boiler prices in the UK, including:

    • brand of the maker
    • Boiler output and size
    • Warranty duration
    • Costs of installation and servicing complexity
    • Your home’s size and your energy requirements

You may see an overview of boiler costs by house size in the table below:

House Size No. of Bedrooms No. of Bathrooms No. of Radiators Power Output Price Range
Small House 1-2 1 10 24-27kW £599 – £1,499
Medium House 3-4 1-2 15 28-35kW £699 – £2,199
Large House 4+ 2+ 20 36-42kW £799 – £1,999

This range indicates that there are numerous opportunities for cost savings. Finding a reputable business that gives warranties is also crucial and will end up saving you money.

Be sure to estimate your energy requirements realistically. If the combi boiler is too tiny, not enough hot water and warmth will be produced. If it’s too big, it will be a huge energy waster and raise your energy costs.

The unbiased service from GreenSaving Network offers you free boiler quotes so you can compare various offers and get the best combi boiler deals for you and your home.

Which of the Many Combi Boiler Brands Is Best?

Avoid anything but the best, most reputable brands when comparing combi boiler prices and brands. While maintaining a sensible price range, you may be certain of the product’s high calibre and dependability.

The top combi boiler series from the UK’s leading manufacturers has been assembled by us. In terms of price, energy effectiveness, features, and service, they provide the best. This will streamline your search and provide you with tips on what to look for!

Greenstar 28/32/36 CDi by Worcester Bosch

For its innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction, Bosch is one of the top, most recognisable manufacturers. The smallest boiler produced by Bosch to date is the Greenstar CDi Compact. It is therefore ideal for smaller dwellings while yet having sufficient power for houses with up to two bathrooms. Due to the shorter installation time, you will also save money on installation fees.

A heat exchanger made of aluminium and silicon is also included in the Greenstar CDi, which saves energy. Additionally, it has frost protection, which enables you to keep your boiler in a loft or garage, and it is solar panel compatible.

Facts about Greenstar CDi Compact

  • £1,000 – £1,500
  • 24-kW central heating output
  • 24 kW to 36 kW of domestic hot water output
  • LPG is offered and gas-fired
  • Energy efficiency of 94%, ErP rating of A
  • With optional smart internet controls, an A+ ErP rating
  • a ten-year warranty
  • residences that are small, medium, or huge (up to two bathrooms)

EcoTEC Plus Combi  (825, 832, 835, 838) by Valliant

Boilers made by Valliant are renowned for being very innovative and energy-efficient. With a modulation range of 6:1, the EcoTEC Plus may change its maximum output while conserving energy.

Additionally, this combi boiler has internet controls, frost protection, a stainless steel heat exchanger, and reduced noise levels. Additionally, the EcoTEC is designated as NOx Class 5, which means that less hazardous gas is released during combustion. Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with green heating options.

Combi Facts for EcoTEC Plus

  • £950 – £1,500
  • Output for central heating: 25 kW to 38 kW
  • Output of domestic hot water: 20.4 kW to 30.1 kW
  • LPG is offered and gas-fired
  • 86% – 94% energy efficiency, B/A ErP rating
  • With optional smart controls, an A+ ErP rating
  • usual warranty of five years
  • residences that are small, medium, or huge

Vitodens 200-W B2KE by Viessmann (30kW, 35kW)

German-born Viessman is a well-known brand on a global scale. With a 17:1 modulation ratio, the Vitodens 200-W combi range reduces energy consumption. It has a unique Inox Radial “self cleaning” heat exchanger that extends the life of the boiler. It also has the first combustion management system in the sector, earning it a NOx class 4 rating. It will operate quietly because of the low fan speed.

Facts about Vitodens 200-W B2KE

  • £1,100 – £1,300
  • LPG is offered and gas-fired
  • Production of domestic hot water: 31.3 kW to 34.2 kW
  • Energy efficiency of 94%, ErP rating of A
  • intelligent internet controls
  • ten-year guarantee
  • Large or medium-sized residences

Duo-tec Combi by Baxi (24, 28, 33, 40)

This distinguished Baxi combi offers more reasonable price points for a variety of outputs. With a flow rate of up to 16.4 litres per minute, the Duo-tec is appropriate for big households with many showers. The built-in filling loop makes it simple to re-pressurize. Additionally, it has frost protection and simple controls..

Facts about Duo-tec Combi

  • £760 – £910
  • Output for central heating: 21 to 34.4 kW
  • 24 kW to 40 kW of domestic hot water output
  • LPG is accessible and gas-fired
  • Energy efficiency of 92%, ErP rating of A.
  • 7-year guarantee
  • a score of only 55% on Which? survey
  • Homes of a medium or large size

Logic+ Combi by  Ideal (C24, C30, C35)

In the UK, Ideal has a lengthy history of winning awards. The frost protection and user-friendly controls are included with the Logic+ line. Because of the boiler’s 5:1 modulation ratio, the minimum output is 20% of its capacity. As a result, the boiler will operate automatically to match your needs, saving you money on operating expenses.

Facts + Combi Logic

  • £1,000 – £1,260
  • Output for central heating: 24.2 kW
  • Domestic hot water production ranges from 24.2-35.3 kW.
  • LPG is offered and gas-fired
  • Energy efficiency of 94%, ErP rating of A
  • intelligent internet controls
  • 7-year guarantee
  • a score of only 55% on Which? survey
  • little or medium-sized houses (with one shower)

How Much Will a Boiler Installation Cost in 2022 for a Combi Boiler?

Your new combi boiler installation might cost anywhere from £550 to £2,500.

Combi boilers are made to be small and enclosed in a single piece. Therefore, compared to other boiler kinds, the installation procedure need to be rather quick and simple.

According to your preferences, prices range from the lowest to the highest (typically):

    • In the same location, swap out an outdated combi boiler model with a new one.
    • A new combi boiler should be installed somewhere else.
    • Install a new combi boiler in place of a system or conventional boiler, removing the cold water tank and providing space for hot water storage.

Costs of Combi Boiler Service

For a one-time servicing, a combi boiler will typically cost between £50 and £100. You can also arrange a monthly cover, which usually ranges in price from £10 to $15.

For the following reasons, having your combi boiler serviced at least once a year is crucial:

Reasons to service your boiler yearly

Save in monthly running costs as your boileris less likely to breakdown or run out of fuel over winter
Valid warranty cover often depends on up-to-date service
Assurance that you’re safe from carbon monoxide/lethal gas poisoning
Prolong your boiler’s overall lifespan

Locate the Best Combi Boiler for Your Residence

There are many contemporary combi boilers to take into consideration when it’s time to replace your outdated boiler. Make sure your new boiler is the greatest choice for your home’s size and energy requirements!

You will then have a reasonable estimate of the costs. You can compare costs from many installations using GreenMatch’s quote form. The most affordable pricing from regional vendors are offered through this free, no-obligation service.

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