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Top Double Glazing Businesses

The UK’s Top 5 Double Glazing Companies

Since the 1980s, the double glazing market has expanded in the UK. Double-glazed windows and doors are currently available across the nation from a number of double glazing businesses and manufacturers. It can be challenging to select the option that fits you the best.

GreenSavings Network has compiled a list of the top 5 companies and reviewed them to help you avoid dealing with the worst double glazing companies out there. Our technique takes into account the following standards:

    • newest client testimonials (based on Trustpilot Rating)
    • Special deals
    • Financial support
    • Existence of a warranty or guarantee
    • Operations area

Our analysis of double-glazing businesses includes:



Smith, CR

First, improve your home


I need to locate the top double glazing businesses in my area! It’s important to remember that the top 5 double glazing firms in the UK are those listed above. Numerous more nearby businesses also offer energy-efficient solutions. To locate the service providers who best meet your needs, simply click on the button bellow.

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> What Justifies Double Glazing Investment?
> The Top 5 National Double Glazing Suppliers Company Bodies are reviewed
> Methods for Ensuring Your Rights
> How to Pick a Good Installer

What Justifies Double Glazing Investment?

Before getting into the review, it is important to define double glazing and explain how it functions. You could also be asking what improvements double glazing would make. We’ve got that covered, so don’t worry.

Double glazing is the technique of installing two panes of glass such that there is a tiny space of air between them. The gap is typically 12 to 16 mm wide and is sometimes filled with argon, xenon, or krypton gas in addition to regular dry air.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Savvy Britons Are Choosing Double Glazing in April 2022!

House is cosier and quieter
 You may make your home quieter and warmer by adding double glazing and uPVC windows, which reduce obtrusive noises from the outside and provide an additional barrier to heat loss.

Increase savings with improved insulation.
Your energy bill will cost less money thanks to this.

Become more eco-conscious
Units with double glazing are more energy efficient. They can greatly lower the greenhouse gas emissions caused by heating and cooling.

Dual glazing lasts a long time.
All of the suppliers we looked at said that with regular maintenance, double-glazed windows should last for at least 20 years.

Long-term promise
 It’s also useful to know that some businesses offer 10- to 12-year extended guarantees.

Top 5 National Double Glazing Suppliers Review 

A double glazing manufacturer has a big impact on the quality of your double-glazed units. Here are the Top 5 National Double Glazing Suppliers. You have a lot to pick from, but don’t let it overwhelm you. We’re here to save you time and effort. A list of five reputable vendors who provide premium double glazing products can be seen below.

The Top 5 Double Glazing Companies are compared (April 2022)
Comparing Trustpilot rating (April 2022) Special Offers Finance Options Warranty/ Guarantee Area of Operations
Safestyle 4.1/5 Up to 20% lower prices than leading competitors 3 options of finance available 10 years Across England and Wales
Everest 4.3/5 Multi-buy savings Loan or lending options available 10 years Across England, Scotland, and Wales
Anglian 3.9/5 Up to £150 off upon online orders Up to £250 cash reward on recommendations to friends (unlimited) Credit available with a minimum deposit of £199 10 years England, Scotland, and Wales
CR Smith 4.8/5 Monthly special offers Loan option available. No deposit required 10 years Primarily in Scotland
First Home Improvements 4.1/5 Up to 30% off on their whole product range £100 deposit, interest-free credit options available 12 years Across the counties of England

1. Safestyle

For more than 20 years, Safestyle UK has installed windows and doors throughout Wales and England. You can request a quote online by filling out a single form. They are one of the few businesses that will provide you with a quote today and not keep you waiting. Their entire inventory is covered by a 10-year warranty. Additionally, they provide price matching for estimates from competing double glazing businesses.

Additionally, Safestyle UK gives you the choice to select a financing strategy. The “24 Months Interest-Free Credit” plan and the “Buy Now Pay in 12 Months” plan are their most alluring options.

2. Everest

Over 50 years have passed since Everest Ltd. began operations. They are one of the largest and most seasoned double glazing companies in the UK, serving more than 2 million customers. Their knowledge and superior goods are more expensive. Therefore, Everest double glazing quotes are usually not the most affordable option. However, it would be wise to keep a watch on other installers’ specials as they price-match with quotations from other double glazing providers. Check out Everest’s multi-buy discount promotion as well.

Like the majority of double glazing businesses, it won’t give you an estimate until one of its installers has examined your home. You can conveniently make an appointment online without charge. Additionally, this company provides you with a “Personal Loan” or “Secured Lending” option through Kandoo, as well as a premium lifetime guarantee on their uPVC windows for condensation and fogging between the panes.

3. Anglian

Together with Everest, Anglian Ltd. is one of the largest double glazing businesses in the UK. It was founded in 1966. Because of their great quality and affordable costs, their clients highly value them. A 10-year warranty is provided by Anglian Ltd for its uPVC, aluminium, or wooden doors, windows, and conservatories.

In addition, they match uPVC product quotes within seven days. They provide you with an estimate after one of their team members has inspected your property, similar to the majority of double glazing firms. You have the choice to finance your double glazing units through Anglian. With a £199 minimum deposit, this financing is nevertheless subject to affordability, status, and lending requirements.

4. CR Smith

Scotland’s business community has known CR Smith for a century. They provide a variety of window and door alternatives for your house or conservatory. You can obtain a loan from CR Smith without making a deposit. But this credit is dependent on eligibility and affordability.Their website has a section that is updated once a month with the most recent deals from the business. With the top Trustpilot rating, they appear to offer one of the best customer services.

5. Home Improvements First

Over 45 years have passed since First Home Improvements first entered the market. They feature a wide selection of uPVC and double-glazed windows and doors. Additionally, they offer items for orangeries and conservatories.

They showcase customer reviews that attest to their high standards for client pleasure. One of their best characteristics is that their entire line of windows comes with a 12-year warranty.

Business Organizations: How to Protect Your Rights

The aforementioned businesses all make an effort to uphold consumers’ rights. However, it is also crucial to confirm that your installer is licenced by one of the organisations that oversee the double glazing sector. In order to ensure that your units are installed and fitted properly, they verify double glazing firms.

Important regulatory bodies:

    • The Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) is a group that defends the rights of customers. Their free services include guarantees, insurance, a consumer help line, mediation to completely resolve disputes with double glazing firms, and more.
    • Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA): The Glass and Glazing Federation is the organisation behind this programme (GGF). Like the DGCOS, FENSA defends your rights by checking double glazing businesses to ensure that they adhere to building codes.
      The United Kingdom Accreditation Service has granted accreditation to the certification organisation known as Certass (UKAS). Certass provides mediation help similarly to DGCOS and the same services as FENSA.

How to Pick a Good Installer

You’ll need to research several double glazing manufacturers once you’ve determined your home’s requirements. It is imperative that you get the advice of experts, compare various installers, and select the business that can meet all of your requirements, including the most affordable double glazing rates.

The size, material (such as uPVC, aluminium, or wood), and kind of window or door all affect the price of double glazing. Your final bill could also be impacted by other factors. For instance, the quantity of windows, the kind of glass, the colour of the frame, the floor where the window or door will be installed (such as the first floor versus the second floor), and probable delivery fees.

Follow these 4 recommendations when selecting an installer:

Remember that the top producers and installers of double glazing in the UK are the businesses on the list above. Similar services are provided by a number of other smaller local double glazing businesses. If you prefer to go with a local installation or manufacturer, be sure they have one of the aforementioned certifications.

Even though small businesses can occasionally provide better costs, keep in mind that going with a large one may be in your best interest. For example, larger businesses can frequently afford better warranties and guarantees, and many of them are backed by insurance.


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