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The Benefits of uPVC Windows

For your home, uPVC windows are a practical, reliable, and secure alternative. They are the most widely used double glazed windows in the UK, and over time, demand for them in British homes has skyrocketed.

Your home will save energy when you install uPVC windows because of their excellent insulation. With these windows, you can lower your monthly energy costs.

There are many different uPVC window designs to pick from, and the majority of installers allow for customization in terms of colours and accents. Even if you prefer the appearance of a classic wood window, you can choose a contemporary uPVC window with a wood-effect.

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A uPVC window is what?

The double-glazed windows’ frames are constructed of uPVC material. This substance is made of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, or plastic powder, which is heated and injected into a mould to give it shape. The uPVC is cut and ready to be combined with the other parts in a double glazed window when it has cooled using various techniques.

Double glazed window frames are not exclusively composed of uPVC. They can also be produced from aluminium and wood. Although each of the three materials has its own benefits and drawbacks, uPVC is the most popular. Furthermore, a wide range of designs and mechanisms can be used to create double-glazed windows (uPVC bay windows, for instance).

The Function of uPVC Windows

The area between the two panes of glass that allows the air to be trapped is what makes uPVC double-glazed windows so useful. This results in the following advantages:

1. This air works as insulation, preventing the easy passage of cold or hot air from the inside to the outside of the house.

2. When it’s chilly outside and warm inside, it prevents condensation from accumulating within the house.

3. uPVC windows also lessen noise pollution by limiting how much noise from outside can penetrate through the glass.

What Are the Prices of uPVC Windows?

The design and kind of windows you select will have a significant impact on the price of double-glazed uPVC windows. However, some rough figures and costs can be quite helpful, thus we made the tables below, taking into account the most common forms and types of double glazed windows.

Knowing the best uPVC window prices can help you plan your renovation project more effectively and save money for your family’s budget.

uPVC casement window cost

Number of bedrooms Number of White uPVC casement windows (600mm x 900mm) Cost of White uPVC casement windows
2 4 windows from £1,000
3 9 windows from £2,250
4 15 windows from £3,750
uPVC Sash Window Cost
Number of bedrooms Number of White uPVC sash windows (600mm x 900mm) Cost of White uPVC sash windows
2 4 windows from £2,000
3 9 windows from £4,500
4 15 windows from £7,500

What uPVC window grants are offered?

The Green Homes Grant programme, which pays homeowners in England vouchers worth up to £10,000 for making energy-efficient house improvements, will expire on March 31, 2021. uPVC windows are included by the programme since they are excellent at insulating your home.

You must first obtain an estimate for the work on your property from a TrustMark or MCS certified installer in order to be eligible for the grant. After that, you can submit an online application for a voucher that will pay for two-thirds of the installation charges.

What Benefits Do uPVC Windows Offer?

Did you know that having uPVC windows can raise the value of your home? Additionally, uPVC windows may reduce noise, save energy, and do a lot more, such enable roof window installation even on lighter roof structures.

We have listed the benefits and drawbacks of uPVC windows below for your convenience.

1. Affordable

uPVC windows are the least expensive option when compared to the other materials that double glazed window frames can be composed of. Even if this isn’t the best feature of uPVC windows, it’s still vital to consider if you’re concerned about how affordable they are.

2. Easy to Maintain

The fact that uPVC windows require surprisingly little upkeep is another fantastic benefit. Due to their propensity to rot and flake, other frame materials like wood and lumber need to be repainted every five years along with some filling in and patching. With uPVC window frames, this is not true. Never do they peel, rot, corrode, or fade. Furthermore, the solution is pretty straightforward if you’re asking how to clean uPVC windows. All that is required of you is the occasional cloth wipe.

3. Insulation, third

Another significant point of uPVC windows is their insulation. These windows were designed to offer the best possible insulation against heat and energy. The popularity of uPVC windows is largely due to its effectiveness in keeping heat and sound out of the home.

4. Water Resistant

The tendency of wood window frames to swell in wet weather is their major issue. This might turn dangerous because the glass might come free, and it might also make it simpler for a burglar to break into your house. Instead, because the damp cannot enter through the surface of uPVC window frames, they are storm and weather proof. Since they are non-corrosive, severe weather won’t corrode them.

5. Resilience

uPVC is the most resilient of all the window frame materials that are available for double-glazed windows. Wood can rot and bend over time, while aluminium can eventually start to rust. The lifespan of uPVC windows depends on how well you maintain them, but because they are constructed of a durable and resilient material, they can last for 10 to 35 years.

6. Safety

uPVC is trustworthy in terms of security as well. The way the frame is built makes it hard to penetrate or get hurt.

7. Style

Companies that manufacture double-glazed windows make all different styles of windows to fit any property. You can choose from a variety of designs, styles, and sizes for coloured uPVC windows. There was a time when uPVC was only made in white, but subsequent advancements have allowed for a larger range to be supplied. Tilt-turn windows, casement windows, french windows, and even sash windows are options. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that a window will cost more the more openings it has.

What Drawbacks Are There to uPVC Windows?

1. Aesthetics

Despite the fact that uPVC windows are available in a variety of designs and colours, some individuals find that the material’s basic plastic appearance is neither appealing nor trendy when compared to aluminium or wood. Therefore, uPVC windows might not be the greatest choice if you place a high value on looks.

2. Composition

uPVC windows frequently sag and sash because of their lightweight construction. In other words, the frames will burst since they are not as sturdy as aluminium windows.

3. Personalization

uPVC doors and windows fall short in terms of customization options, such as colour or pattern. For instance, windows made of aluminium or wood can be painted or varnished in any colour. It is beneficial to match the design of your frames to the design of your home.

uPVC Windows: How Effective Are They?

Due to their tight seals and low conductivity, uPVC windows purchased online can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home. The air formed between the glass panes will function as a barrier, controlling the temperature in the space and keeping heat or cold outside, depending on the quantity of glass panes.

By choosing double glazing, you can keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When the heat transmission is decreased in the winter, uPVC windows will also limit the heat loss, requiring less energy to heat the home and lowering energy costs.

In the summer, you typically need an air conditioner to chill the space, which uses more electricity. Technology with double or triple glazing reduces solar heat penetration while maintaining a high level of cooling and low energy expenses.
The savings that a UK resident could realise by installing uPVC windows and doors are displayed in the following table. A-ratings are the most energy-efficient, and the metrics were developed based on the sort of home you might own and the Energy rating. You can, however, conduct your own home energy assessment.

The benefits of uPVC windows
Energy rating Detached Semi-detached Mid-terrace Bungalow Flat
A rated £130 – £175 £90 – £120 £80 – £105 £60 – £80 £50 – £65
B rated £120 – £160 £80 – £110 £70 – £95 £50 – £70 £40 – £60
C rated £120 – £150 £80 – £105 £70 – £90 £50 – £65 £45 – £55

One of the key advantages of uPVC double-glazed windows is that they will help you save money on energy because they will prevent heat from your home from quickly escaping. The British Fenestration Rating Council introduced Windows Energy Ratings in 2004 to assist people in understanding how much more energy efficient their double-glazed windows will be (BFRC).

You should make sure to select uPVC windows with a good energy efficiency rating if you consider that 30% of the heat within your home escapes via the windows.

The Windows Energy Rating: What Is It?

Your windows’ energy efficiency can be determined by looking at their Windows Energy Rating (WER). Windows with an A+ rating are the most energy-efficient, while those with a G rating are the least efficient. As a result, the rating scale ranges from G to A+. The rating systems for various home appliances, light bulbs, and white goods are comparable to this one.

The standard UK window rating labels, which are backed by registered bodies, are depicted in the image below.

You may be wondering what information these ratings provide you regarding your double-glazed windows.

The rating of a window is determined by a formula that considers the total solar heat transmittance, the amount of solar heat that can pass through the glass (G-value), the U-value of the entire window (glass and frame), the air infiltration through the window seals, and finally, how well the windows maintain the heat in your home. As a result, the rating reflects how well each component of the window performs individually as well as collectively.

Various uPVC Window Design Styles and Patterns

There are numerous uPVC window designs to choose from. Whether you decide to build a contemporary home or refurbish an old one, the frames’ versatility may accommodate any taste. They come in a variety of colours, including coloured uPVC windows in addition to black and grey.

uPVC windows online choosing can provide this to brighten your home because the frame style is defined by a blend of functionality, simplicity, and a dash of beauty. There are numerous designs that produce the ideal ambiance you were searching for.

For instance, bay uPVC windows are a series of at least three windows that make it easy for light to enter the home and create extra space, making them one of the most delicate designs.

One or more panes can be used to make casement windows. It may be opened widely like a door to let in as much fresh air as possible while also providing a beautiful view of the outdoor garden.

Your new home’s uPVC sliding sash windows offer contemporary performance. They aid in maintaining both modern appeal and energy efficiency concurrently. They are flawlessly strong and have excellent thermal qualities.

uPVC windows are they secure?

uPVC windows are extremely secure because they are long-lasting. Since uPVC windows and doors can not rot, the frames will always be secure, making it hard for any burglar to break them without drawing attention to themselves.

The locks are attractive, but they also contribute significantly to house security. With regard to uPVC technology, they have cutting-edge multi-locker systems.

uPVC windows have a 9-point locking system, which offers security from all four directions. When the handles are closed, they automatically lock and can be unlocked by pressing a button. All side openings have emergency exit pivots installed as a standard for your safety, which can be opened in an emergency.

Accordion Panel

PVC in “PVC window” stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. This is a very strong and tough plastic that insulates your home well while offering a high level of safety and durability. PVC is easy to care for, resists rust and will not rot. PVC windows come in a variety of styles, including bay windows and sashes.

uPVC windows are they safe?

uPVC comes with a security locking mechanism that makes these windows very secure for your home. Also, the plastic (uPVC) is very strong and durable, so the frame can stay safe for a long time.

What are the prices of uPVC windows?

Due to its very durable material, PVC windows can last 20-35 years. Unplasticized PVC is a stronger, rust-resistant material than aluminum, and doesn’t rot like wood windows. Most PVC manufacturers offer up to 10 years warranty on their windows.

What are the prices of uPVC windows?

The cost of PVC windows varies depending on the style and size of the window. A joint project of 4 uPVC casement windows can cost over £1,000. If you want to install more complex window styles such as sashes, 4 windows can cost up to £2,000. Check out our PVC window price guide for more information.

What advantages do uPVC windows offer?

PVC windows are a very affordable, durable and safe option for your home. These are usually double-glazed windows, which means your home is well insulated, allowing you to save on energy bills. Additionally, PVC material is easy to manufacture, making it a very affordable solution for homeowners. These windows are also easy to maintain and very durable and safe.

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