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Everything You Need to Know About Suppliers & Installers from UPVC Windows Manufacturers.

The Best uPVC Windows Suppliers and Manufacturers

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, sometimes known as uPVC, has grown in favour as an eco-friendly, long-lasting, and energy-efficient alternative. In the UK, uPVC windows are currently installed in more than 90% of window installations.

In a typical detached property, upgrading uPVC windows might result in annual savings of up to £200! It might be challenging to locate the best uPVC window manufacturer or supplier in the UK market as a result of the abundance of available options.

GreenSavings Network has selected the top 14 uPVC window suppliers and manufacturers in the UK to help you narrow down your search for the ideal window.

Leading manufacturers and suppliers of uPVC windows

Your energy costs will increase due to the price cap increase in April 2022!

Energy regulator Ofgem declared a 54% energy price cap increase on April 1 2022, which would add £693 to the average UK household’s annual expenditure and is anticipated to rise again by 32% in October.

Homeowners are encouraged to make energy-efficient house renovations, such as installing uPVC windows, to lessen the effects of rising energy costs. Many individuals are unaware that approximately 40% of a home’s energy loss occurs through windows. That exceeds the size of your walls and roof!

Where in My Area Can I Find uPVC Window Manufacturers?

Finding an uPVC window manufacturer that serves your neighbourhood and offers windows that are specifically designed to meet your home’s energy-saving requirements is important because there are many uPVC window producers in the UK.

It can take hours and be quite laborious to make individual calls to window manufacturers in your area and ask for bids tailored to your home. Only request window quotes from companies that will maximise your savings, as doing so can result in annual savings of up to £200.

Fortunately, GreenSavings Network’s expertise and extensive network of partner installers make it simple and quick to identify the top manufacturers in your area and obtain trustworthy quotations. You may receive up to 4 custom quotes for free in less than 5 minutes by just responding to a few short questions about your property and the types of windows you’re interested in.

By contrasting up to 4 local uPVC window manufacturers, you can quickly invest in a solution that will save your energy costs and fit your property.

Which manufacturers are certified by the Energy Saving Trust?

Referring to the recognised and supported brand marks established by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), an independent and unbiased organisation that offers advise for energy consumption reduction in the UK, is one of the first pieces of advice while looking for your uPVC windows.

To ensure that the products you purchase adhere to industry standards, the Energy Saving Trust Team independently verifies company marketing claims based on the energy performance of their products. The following UK manufacturers are recognised by Energy Saving Trust as having the most affordable uPVC window prices:

UK Safestyle

Homeowners have been receiving uPVC windows and doors from Safestyle UK, a producer of uPVC windows, for the past 20 years. They can generate more than 20,000 units every week because to their large production facilities.


The “Made in Britain” label has been on uPVC windows produced and supplied by Anglian for 50 years. It is a guarantee of top-notch quality for goods produced in the UK.

Masterframe Windows

Since 1984, Masterframe has concentrated on producing sash uPVC windows for a niche market. The British Board of Agrément (BBA) has approved their whole product line, ensuring high standards and quality. The business also has its own internal group of “master installers.”

Direct Window Company

All of the windows, doors, and sealed units produced by Direct Window Company are both manufactured and supplied by the company. Every week, the company, which has been operating for more than 21 years, instals thousands of windows and doors that meet precise specifications.

Windows CMS Systems

Since 2006, CMS Window Systems has produced, supplied, and installed uPVC windows that are energy efficient. The business was the first to offer an internal recycling service as a standard, which has since evolved into the gold standard for the sector.

Other uPVC window producers that EST endorses include:

    • Decorative Outlets
    • Solution Side
    • Walker Profiles
    • Rapid Frame

Top 5 Best uPVC Suppliers in the UK: 

Comparing suppliers is the next step after choosing a manufacturer. It can be challenging to decide which uPVC window providers in the UK will best meet your unique requirements because there are so many of them working there.

As a result, the list below should assist you in becoming familiar with what the UK market has to offer, the top uPVC suppliers, and their standard services.

Here is a list of the top 5 uPVC window manufacturers and suppliers in the UK:


Rehau is typically regarded as the top supplier and manufacturer of premium uPVC in the UK. The business was founded in Bavaria, Germany, in 1948, and it is still a leading name in polymer-based innovation and solutions.


Veka was established in 1969 in Germany and has since emerged as one of the UK’s leading providers of uPVC windows and doors. The business is the biggest producer of extruded PVCU goods in the world.

GAP GAP Limited

Since 1993, GAP has produced and delivered uPVC products to the commercial and residential building markets in the UK from its 40 depots. The business was founded in Lancashire and now serves the entire United Kingdom.


Eurocell has been creating and designing goods to assist homeowners in bettering their homes since 1974. The Eurocell brand is regarded as the country’s first uPVC product manufacturer, supplier, distributor, and recycler.

Selecta Systems

Selecta Systems, one of the top suppliers and extruders of uPVC windows and doors in the UK, has been in business under the same family name for 35 years. The business has established a reputation for offering its clients amiable and considerate service while also being a market-leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier.

Are you prepared to locate a supplier who can guide your uPVC window selection and installation? GreenSavings Network can assist you in comparing prices from the top local uPVC window manufacturers so you won’t have to spend arduous hours looking for suppliers and getting quotations.

Simply click the button below and respond to a few short questions about your home to begin receiving free quotations. There is no pressure to choose any of the prices you receive, and it is quick and simple.

Costs and Savings : uPVC Windows

Saving on home bills is a lot easier when you understand how to benefit from uPVC window prices. A study conducted by the UK Housing Authority Northern Consortium showed that cork windows cost 33% more to maintain than PVC windows over a 30-year period.

For this reason, plastics increasingly outperform alternative materials such as wood or aluminum for windows.

On average, replacing old windows with PVC windows costs between £200 and £600 per window. The final cost of a new PVC window depends on the style, size and color of the PVC window.

uPVC Windows Check their Energy Efficiency of Your:

With A++/G scales and rainbow bars, like those used to evaluate home appliances, homeowners can easily understand the energy efficiency of PVC window manufacturing standards.

A high energy efficiency rating is important to you because it means your central heating system puts out less heat. So less energy and money is wasted. Energy Class A can save you up to £175!

Energy efficiency also usually depends on the style of PVC windows, as shown in the table below.

Savings made annually with uPVC Windows
Energy rating Detached Semi-detached Mid-terrace Bungalow Flat
A £130‑175 £90‑120 £80-105 £60-80 £50-65
B £120-160 £80-110 £70-95 £50-70 £40-60
C £120-150 £80-105 £70-90 £50-65 £45-55

Annual savings with uPVC windows depending on the energy rating and style (2022)

What are the advantages of uPVC?

uPVC is known for being easy to maintain due to its elasticity. For example, PVC will not rust or corrode. The most notable properties of uPVC are its durability and sustainability. You can also find the best prices for PVC windows.

The benefits of uPVC range from thermal efficiency to sound insulation, from adaptability to style and variety. They are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as uPVC bay windows and sashes.

Here is a short list of uPVC benefits:

  • Insulation: Approximately 10-20% of heat loss in a building occurs through windows.PVC has been shown to reduce heat loss by up to 40%.
  • Soundproofing: PVC is an effective soundproofing material, reducing noise by up to 80% (~45 dB).
  • Style and design: uPVC can be easily shaped to fit any desired style or design. They come in a variety of colors, from standard brown PVC windows to almost any rainbow color.
  • Adaptable and versatile: No plastic makes it tough and allows for multiple uses.
  • No condensation: The combination of double glazing and plastic provides more comfort by reducing annoying condensation problems.
  • Sustainability: PVC is known for its eco-friendly properties. It can be reused up to ten times, which is why many window and door manufacturers often offer recycling facilities and window replacement services.

Why are uPVC windows better for your home?

Today, uPVC is one of the most commonly used materials for window and door manufacturers. Due to its high adaptability and elasticity, uPVC can also be used to improve your home in many ways. Purchasing a uPVC supplier gives you the opportunity to provide your home with a solid roof, durable gutters, new window sills or decorative plastic baseboards.

uPVC windows are also known for being virtually maintenance-free, meaning they won’t rust or corrode, so you won’t need to replace them as often as some alternatives. uPVC windows come in a wide variety of colors, so you can always find something that suits your home. Just choose plastic windows!

Discover the Perfect uPVC Window Manufacturer

With so many window and window suppliers in the UK, it can be difficult to find the best PVC window manufacturer for your needs.Since window manufacturers vary in cost and model, comparing manufacturer prices has become a popular tactic used by many UK homeowners looking to save money.

Comparing quotes from up to 4 PVC window manufacturers ensures that you are not overwhelmed and allows you to choose the best manufacturer with the best value for money.

Rather than individually contacting manufacturers in your area, GreennSavings can provide you with up to 4 custom quotes for free, saving you hours of time and effort. It starts with you clicking the button below and answering a few simple questions to tailor the offer to your needs.

Commonly asked questions about uPVC Windows

Wood Windows and uPVC What is the difference ?

The frame of a wooden window can be made from a variety of woods, while the frame of a uPVC window is made of only unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC). As a traditional house window material, wood windows are a great alternative to PVC windows if you’re looking for a more sustainable and insulating option.

While quality wood windows tend to be more expensive and require more maintenance than PVC windows, they may be worth considering for your home due to their longer life expectancy.

Do Manufacturers sell directly ?

 Yes, some manufacturers sell directly to customers and may even offer installation services. Buying from the manufacturer that ships to the customer is best for experienced craftsmen who are familiar with the product, as the manufacturer can manufacture doors and windows to your specifications. 

What is the Lifespan of uPVC Windows in the UK ?

uPVC windows are the most durable window material. New uPVC windows bought in the UK usually come with a 10-year warranty, but have a longer life expectancy, averaging 10 to 35 years. 

Can uPVC windows be repaired?

 Yes, your new plastic windows should last a long time before they need to be repaired or replaced. However, your windows will eventually need to be repaired or replaced, but maintaining them properly is important to prolong their lifespan. If your warranty is still in effect, you should be able to get a full repair service.