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Compare and Save on Electric Combi Boiler Prices in the UK 

Smaller residences without access to the main gas grid can benefit greatly from electric combi boilers. Because they are simple to install, these small boilers have lower initial boiler expenses than their gas-fueled equivalents.

Electric combi boilers have the ability to cut your carbon footprint significantly. Running costs will be decreased by utilising solar power in combination with it or by using a sustainable energy source. Additionally, you have the possibility to prepare your house for the upcoming phase-out of gas heating.

Once you’ve decided that a new electric combi boiler is the best option for you, this article will walk you through the different cost factors for purchasing and installing your new electric boiler and make comparisons with gas boilers to help you choose the best power source for your requirements.

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What Are the Prices of Electric Combi Boilers?

Just considering the boiler’s initial purchase price, an electric combi boiler will normally cost between £900 and £2,500, and up to £4,500 for the most expensive versions.

Options for electric combi boilers Price range
Budget models £900-£1,200
Mid-range models £1,200-£2,500
Premium models £2,500-£4,500

The overall price will probably range between £1,550 and $5,000 when installation is included, which typically costs between £650 and 2,500. The ultimate price will be influenced by the labour and parts needed for installation.

Cost drivers for electric combi boilers include the following:

    • New boiler type: Compared to models that draw water directly from the mains, some electric combi boilers include internal hot water storage (direct heaters).
    • Model and producer: The prices of various brands’ products vary, typically depending on their reputation, any special features they provide, and the duration of their warranties.
    • Replacement type: Switching to a different type of boiler and moving the boiler’s location will both cost more money than a like-for-like boiler exchange in the same place.
    • Getting electricity into your house You might have to spend to switch to a three-phase electrical supply because a single-phase electricity supply typically won’t support electric boilers with a high power output.
    • Installation fees: The easiest method to make sure you are getting the greatest value and are not overpaying for national rates is to compare quotations from various local installers.

GreenSaving Network can provide you with up to 4 installer quotations to help you avoid possibly rising expenses associated with new electric boilers.

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Are electric combi boilers as effective as gas ones?

In the UK, gas combi boilers are undoubtedly a popular choice for many homeowners. They have several characteristics in common with electric combi boilers, such as the ability to run on a single unit and their small size. The price of a new boiler is also comparable up front and after installation, albeit gas combi boilers are the least expensive option.

Gas combi boilers are almost as energy-efficient as electric boilers in terms of performance. Modern condensing technology allows all new boiler types to achieve fuel efficiency levels between 92% and 95%. Nevertheless, electric boilers can achieve energy efficiency levels of 99%–100%.

Because they don’t emit any hazardous gases or carbon emissions while they operate, electric boilers are frequently believed to be much less environmentally damaging than gas boilers. However, burning natural gas is a common way to produce power in the UK. By switching to a renewable energy supplier, like Octopus Energy, you may avoid this and drastically lower the carbon footprint of your home.

Larger homes with several bathrooms may have trouble using the energy that electric combi boilers may provide. Due to the availability of a larger variety of outputs on the market, gas combi boilers are therefore in this situation a marginally preferable choice.

Since the government has invested in electrifying heating to achieve legally obligatory net-zero criteria, electric combi boilers are generally more future-proof. In the next ten years, gas-fueled heating may gradually disappear, and attempts will be made to lower power prices to make low-carbon heating systems more appealing.

Electric vs. Gas Boilers

When choosing between a gas or electric boiler, there are several factors to take into account. To help you balance the advantages and disadvantages of each type of boiler, we’ve split down these factors below:

✓ More affordable: more options on the market.
✓ Suitable for all sized homes: options for large homes with more than one shower.
✓ Lower running costs: cheaper per unit than electricity.
X Harmful environmental impact: releases emissions from burning fossil fuel.
X More maintenance: annual gas safety checks.


✓ Easy installation: no need for a flue pipe.
✓ Completely silent: can be installed anywhere in the home.
✓Less maintenance: no need for gas safety checks.
✓ Reduced environmental impact: when using a renewable energy provider.
X High running costs: government levies and natural gas prices add to monthly costs.

Consultation with a qualified heating specialist is the best approach to choose the proper fuel source for your new boiler. GreenSaving Network can connect you with up to 4 local heating engineers, saving you time from having to laboriously research and discuss with individual installation. You just need to fill out the form, wait to hear from someone, and then pick the greatest offer!

Operating Costs of an Electric Combi Boiler

Electric boilers now have somewhat expensive operating expenses. The current energy price cap unit rate for electricity is £0.28 per kWh and for natural gas it is £0.07 per kWh, according to Ofgem. Accordingly, you will spend approximately five times as much on electricity per unit as you will on gas.

You can use solar panels to power your boiler to reduce these high operating costs. Using solar panels, you may produce your own electricity from the sun’s free, clean energy. This makes it possible for you to become more independent and to prevent expensive operating expenses and energy price fluctuations.

Combi Electric Boiler Best

Today’s market offers a range of electric combi boiler alternatives. For you to compare, we’ve chosen three of the most well-liked, highly rated models. They were chosen due to their low cost, ease of hot water storage, or sophisticated control features.

Electric Combi Boilers Co ,Elektra EK.C Combi Boiler.

boiler price: £900–1,400
Guarantee: two years
Result: 12 kW
ERP: Not accessible
100% efficiency

A direct heating and often more cost-effective electric combi boiler option is the Elektra EK.C. It has a 12:2 modulation ratio with a power output of 12 kW. This qualifies it for use in smaller homes with a single bathroom and a single-phase power source. With hot water flow rates of 8 to 13 litres per minute, this wall-mounted boiler offers direct heating (lpm).

Company for Electric Heating, Comet Combi Boilers

Price : £2,300 to $2,600
Warranty: for cylinders, two years and ten years.
9kW, 12kW, and 14.4kW in output
: C-D
100% efficiency

The Comet Combi is a small single unit that includes a solar PV connection and a 140-liter stainless steel hot water cylinder. The easily accessible built-in programmer enables you to quickly change the boiler modulation and temperature output at predetermined intervals for complete system control. Additionally, it has expansion vessels for domestic hot water and central heating, a stainless steel heat exchanger, and weather correction to conserve energy.

Mattira MAC15 Electric, ElnurElectric combi boiler

price : £2,400–2,800
Warranty:2 and 5 years, respectively, for the cylinder
3kW–15kW of output
: C-D
100% efficiency

The Mattira MAC15 electric combi boiler from Elnur has a wall-mounted, modulating digital display and adjustable outputs ranging from 3kW to 15kW. This allows you to conserve energy while giving you complete control over the boiler’s output. Instant hot water is available from the 50-litre water reservoir, which also allows for flexible temperature control. It can be integrated with underfloor heating and comprises expansion vessels for hot water and heating.

What Electric Boiler Size Do I Require?

 The size of a boiler is determined by its kilowatt output (kW). Power outputs from electric boilers typically reach 15kW. They tend to work well in smaller homes with one bathroom because of their relatively low outputs.

Therefore, an electric combi might struggle to offer enough heating and hot water to suit your demands if you had a larger home with more than one bathroom. In this situation, a conventional gas or electric system boiler is preferable.

The precise boiler size you require can be determined by a number of criteria, such as energy requirements and insulation. Your home’s radiator count is a smart place to start. As shown in the table below, to estimate the space heating capacity, add 1.5kW of power for each radiator:

Number of Radiators Output rating
4 6 kW
6 9 kW
8 12 kW
10 15 kW

Combi Electric Boiler Installation

The price to install an electric combi boiler ranges from £650 to £2,500, as noted. The higher end of the price spectrum is typically saved for more difficult installations, such moving your boiler or changing to a different boiler type and size. These will take some time, and additional labour charges will be necessary.

A Gas Safe engineer would need to remove the old boiler, flue, and condensate pipe as well as disconnect the gas line in order to convert a gas boiler to an electric combi boiler, for instance. A hot water cylinder and cold water tank may also need to be removed, depending on the type of gas boiler being used. The new electric boiler will then be fitted and wired by an electrician.

Having said that, there is some installation flexibility available with electric combi boilers. Installing them has several advantages, including:

    • They don’t need a condensate pipe or a flue.
    • They won’t take up a lot of room in the house because they are single units.
    • Electric combi boilers that are wall-mounted need to fit inside a small kitchen cabinet.
    • They operate quietly because there is no combustion or fast moving internal parts, thus they may be positioned anywhere in the house without causing noise.

You should speak with a qualified installer to ascertain whether your property will be a good candidate for a new electric boiler installation. How can you be certain that this is the best price for you before moving forward with the installation?

You will gain a better knowledge of the regional standard rates and where to discover the best bargains if you compare multiple installation pricing. Up to 4 nearby installers will be contacted after you complete our fast and simple form. Then, you may evaluate their prices and maximise your savings. Start right away!

Can I switch to an electric combi boiler from my gas one?

It is entirely possible to replace the gas combination with an electric combination. Aside from the need for some initial plumbing adjustments, the electric water heater will fit into an existing gas central or underfloor heating system.

Is purchasing an electric combi boiler worthwhile?

Electric combination boilers are a great option for small homes, especially those without a gas network. They are easy to install due to their compact size and no smoke or condensation pipes. However, unless your electricity comes from renewable sources, you must expect high monthly electricity bills.

Is it expensive to operate electric boilers in the UK?

Running an electric heater is more expensive than a gas heater in the UK. Under the current energy price cap, the flat rate is £0.28 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for electricity and £0.07 per kWh for gas. As a result, the electricity bill per kilowatt-hour is almost five times the gas bill

How do electric combi boilers compare to gas ones?

In terms of fuel efficiency, electric boilers are 99% to 100% efficient. Gas boilers are typically 92% to 95% efficient due to the loss of heat by burning the fuel.

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