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Complete 2022 Guide for UK Frames and Panels Regarding Double Glazed Units

Double Glazed Units: What Are They?

In order to lessen heat transfer between your home and the outdoors, double glazed units (double glazing), which fit within door or window frames, consist of two or three glass panes separated by a gap filled with air or gas. The glass has a thickness range of 3 to 10 mm, however thicker layers can be needed for specific applications.

The number of double glazed unit businesses in the UK has increased significantly over the past few years and now includes both huge chains and small family-run operations. The use of double glazing has spread to a variety of glass and frame styles. But why have double-glazed windows become so popular so quickly?

By addressing the issues of heat loss and noise pollution, double glazing not only helps households save money on bills but also lessens their carbon footprint.

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What Do Double Glazed Windows Cost?

Before making a final choice, you should evaluate a number of aspects that affect the price. They include the quantity of double-glazed windows and doors you require, the kind of glass, the type of frame material, and the shape and design of the goods.

uPVC is the most widely utilised material for double glazing frames because to its affordability and effectiveness. While the functionality of aluminium and hardwood frames isn’t always superior to that of uPVC, they are typically more expensive.

The most common alternatives for double-glazed uPVC windows in the UK are the casement and sash varieties. The following two categories are each given an estimated cost evaluation in the table below.

Number of bedrooms Number of Windows
(600mm x 900mm)
Casement Windows Sash Windows
2 4 windows from £1000 from £2000
3 9 windows from £2250 from £4500
4 15 windows from £3750 from £7500

What Are the Prices of Double Glazed Doors?

Similar to double-glazed windows, uPVC door frames are the least expensive option, whereas aluminium and wood doors are often more expensive. Sliding double glass patio doors are the most cheap choice in terms of shape and aesthetic. Due to their intricacy, folding and bi-fold doors are more expensive. However, we included these three styles in the price guide table below because they are the most well-liked ones in the UK.

Type of Door Number of White uPVC Doors Cost of White uPVC Doors
Sliding Patio 2 doors from £1200
French 2 doors from £1000
Bi-fold 2 doors from £1500

Keep in mind that expenses vary depending on the specifics of each case, and that figures do not reflect actual offers. They serve just as a broad guide.

What Benefits Do Double Glazed Units Offer?

What Drawbacks Come with Double Glazing?

The Function of Double Glazing

Two layers of glass make up double-glazed units, which act as a barrier to lessen heat loss and outside noise. The space between the layers is typically 9 to 12 mm wide and is created by a spacer bar. The air that is trapped between the panes doesn’t have enough room to circulate and acts as an insulator, slowing the flow of heat. Convection is the phenomenon that gives double glazing its insulating qualities.

The units can additionally be coloured, translucent, or covered in reflective film. The two latter choices are helpful for limiting the amount of UV light that can enter your home.

Double glazed unit components

The following six elements make up double-glazed products:

    • Glass
    • A frame that divides the two glass panels is known as a spacer bar.
      primary seal: the primary impediment to airflow
    • The secondary seal is the glue holding everything together.
    • Cavity: the space separating two objects
    • a silicon substance between the panes known as a desiccant that absorbs moisture
    • Gas: krypton, argon, dehydrated air, or xenon

What Kinds of Double Glazed Units Are There?

Many businesses now provide a variety of materials and glass options so that you can tailor the windows and doors to your needs. There are several frame, glass, shape, and spacer bar options available.

Kinds of Frames 

    • uPVC: Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride frames are the most common option among UK homeowners among the many frame types. They come in a variety of colours and are the least expensive alternative. Finding a supplier who gives at least a 10-year warranty is advised because the sole drawback of uPVC frames is that they may expand under intense sunshine.
    • Timber: Wooden frames are the most insulating and long-lasting material, despite being the most expensive and requiring the most upkeep. Timber frames will also give your house a more classic appearance.
    • Aluminum: Due to their inferior insulation properties compared to uPVC and timber double-glazed frames, these frames are the least preferred option. However, other people favour aluminium framing because of its contemporary looks, ease of upkeep, and durability.

Various Glasses

    • Low-emissivity (low-e) glass: As one of the most common choices, low-e glass greatly increases the energy efficiency of double-glazed units. It is advised for homes in chilly climates that demand a lot of heating. Additionally, it lessens the quantity of dangerous UV radiation that enters the glass.
    • Safety and security glass: There are many different types of safety and security glass that are less likely to break or represent a threat when damaged, protecting your home from burglary, vandalism, and any form of transgression. Laminated glass, toughened (tempered) glass, wire mesh glass, and etched glass are some of the most popular designs.
    • Tinted glass: By adding a film to double-glazed glass, tinted windows and doors can cut down on UV light transmission, shield your furnishings from the sun, and keep your home cooler in the summer.
    • Reflective glass provides your house a more contemporary appearance thanks to its shiny surface. The reflective layer lessens the amount of heat and sunlight entering the room.
    • Stained or coloured glass is a popular option that many businesses provide, allowing you to customise the double-glazed units to your specifications.
    • Acoustic glass is a fantastic solution for people who live in crowded, noisy areas of the city. An additional acoustic interlayer that softens the sound waves coming from the outside provides the additional noise reduction.
    • Decorative glass is available from a number of double-glazing manufacturers in a variety of patterns, textures, and opacities. Some of the aforementioned varieties can be paired with decorative glass to give your home a distinctive appearance.
    • Self-cleaning: Modern uPVC windows are also available that do not need to be cleaned. They have a clear pre-coating that disintegrates dust and debris.

Different Double Glazed Window Styles

Bay Windows

Round Windows

Casement Windows

Sash Windows

Tilt & Turn Windows

Awning Windows

Fixed Windows

Dual Turn Windows

Secondary Windows

Palladian Windows

Different Double Glazed door Styles

Entry Doors

Dual Fold Doors

Outdoor Doors

Frech Style Doors

Different Double Glazed door Styles

Lever on Rose

Lever on Backplate

Rim Knob

Mortice Door Knob

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