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Sash Windows in UPVC

The Benefits of uPVC Sash Windows

The key benefits of uPVC sash windows include its affordability, ease of maintenance, durability, and energy-efficient insulation. They also come in a variety of colours and styles. The exquisite yet traditional appearance of the uPVC sash window is one of its unique features.

uPVC sash windows are unquestionably worth looking at when deciding what kind of uPVC windows would be best for your property. Sash windows were quite common during the Georgian and Victorian eras. Fortunately, the sash window has made a comeback and is now a stylish and practical option for uPVC windows when remodelling your home.

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The Operation of uPVC Sash Windows

Torsion balancing, a sliding mechanism, is how uPVC sash windows operate. A uPVC sash window allows for easy ventilation while maintaining a historic appearance.

The conventional sash windows from the Georgian era had an enhanced version of the sliding system. uPVC sash windows contain tubes that let the windows slide smoothly across vertical apertures. If there are any problems, it is very simple to maintain and repair the tubes inside the windows.

uPVC sash windows often come in two different styles:

    1. When a window is single hung, only one sash glides up and down.
    2. When both sash casements are double-hung, they can move vertically.

How Can You Measure the uPVC Sash Windows’ Energy Efficiency?

There are two different types of measurements used to rate a window’s energy efficiency:

Rating of Window Energy (WER)

This gauges the general energy effectiveness of a window. For instance, how much heat it lets in and how much it releases. The efficiency of windows can be rated from A++ to G, with A++ being the highest. Windows in England are required to have a rating of C or higher.

Your uPVC sash window’s rating is determined by its characteristics; for example, a double-glazed window receives a higher rating than a single-glazed window due to the various insulating layers. The official agency responsible for assigning uPVC sash windows a rating is BFRC.


An indicator of a material’s ability to behave as an insulator is its U-value. The material is more effective as a heat insulator the lower this threshold is.

A new double-glazed window’s U-value will be in the range of 1.2. Sash windows with triple glazing also get a lower grade. This rate will be greater if you choose a single-glazed uPVC sash window.

Along with the energy rating, other factors to consider include the size of your house, how you heat it, and the size of your uPVC sash windows. The amount of money you can save on your energy bills can be significantly influenced by all of these variables.

Nice to know

BSI can provide you with more information about the regulations in the UK if you’re curious about the standards for windows in that country.

What Are the Prices of uPVC Sash Windows?

uPVC sash windows typically cost between £520 and £960. This depends on the kind of uPVC sash window you plan to purchase. If you wish to compare the costs of several uPVC window styles, go here.

List of uPVC Sash Window Prices

Type of uPVC Sash Window Window Size Price Range
White 500mmx500mm £520-£625
1,000mmx500mm £600-£720
1,000mmx1,000mm £625-£730
1,200mmx1,200mm £720-£830
Wood Effect 500mmx500mm £625-£720
1,000mmx500mm £700-£800
1,000mmx1,000mm £720-£830
1,200mmx1,200mm £840-£960

If you’re considering adding sliding sash windows throughout your entire house, you may estimate the overall cost based on the number of bedrooms you have.

Pricing Table Broken Down by Bedrooms

Number of Bedrooms Number of uPVC Sash Windows (1000mmx500mm) White Wood Effect
2 4 Windows £2,400-£2,880 £2,800-£3,200
3 9 Windows £5,400-£6,480 £6,300-£7,200
4 15 Windows £9,000-£10,800 £10,500-£12,200

A sliding sash window’s typical dimensions are 1,000 mm to 2,000 mm in width and 500 mm to 1,500 mm in height.

What Benefits Do uPVC Sash Windows Offer?

Generally speaking, uPVC windows have many benefits. Specifically, uPVC sash windows offer the following benefits:

Low Price

Sash windows made of uPVC are a little more affordable than those made of other materials. This is undoubtedly a window style you may think about if you’re on a tight budget.

Authentic Charm

The traditional appearance of an uPVC sash window is the first thing you notice. It has a traditional design that is similar to Georgian and Victorian architecture while still providing modern performance. In contrast to other uPVC window designs, this is what distinguishes sash windows.

Energy Savings

The uPVC sliding sash window lowers your household’s energy costs because of its great insulating capabilities. This implies that you can appreciate a lovely window while also considering your surroundings.

Noise cancellation

Sash windows made of uPVC are well known for their reputation as noise-reducing devices. Knowing that you can block out much of the outside noise is a comforting concept. You can achieve calm in your house in this way whenever you need it.


Sash windows have a reputation for dependability and security in general. You will be able to trust that your house is secure.

Easily Maintained

Having uPVC sash windows has the advantage that they only require the occasional wipe down. They won’t corrode or degrade like, say, wooden sash windows might. They are really simple to care for as a result.


A uPVC frame is entirely waterproof and won’t be readily damaged by any form of precipitation, unlike timber frames which are impacted by the weather.

Type Variation

uPVC windows are available in a variety of colours and styles, as well as sizes. The most common uPVC window colours are white, black, brown, and grey. Sash windows made of uPVC operate similarly. By doing so, you can renovate your house to suit your preferences and style.

What Are uPVC Sash Windows’ Drawbacks?

Exact Fitting

The importance of having them correctly fitted cannot be overstated, just like with any other form of window. The insulation may not be as effective as it should be if you handle this incorrectly. Additionally, if it is not appropriately positioned, the window may tend to remain open as a result of the window’s imbalance. So be sure to get a pro to complete it.

Copies of Timber

Only in terms of appearance can an uPVC sash window mimic a timber sash window. It’ll never have the exact same appearance. Therefore, it’s critical to consider which factors are more essential to you when selecting a sash window: real wood’s beauty and feel or insulation and simple maintenance.

House Price

Future customers will find wooden sash windows more appealing because of their distinctive appearance. The long-term value difference is however diminished by their higher frequency of replacement and higher maintenance costs, particularly when accounting for the energy savings brought on by superior insulation.

Which uPVC Sash Window Styles Are Available?

Although there are several varieties of uPVC sliding sash windows, two of them are currently the most common:

Georgian sash windows

A well-known and often used window design is the Georgian sash window. It has two casement windows, each of which has six or more tiles.

For the casement windows in this style, there are other alternatives. You could decide to only have one casement window with six tiles and the other with one, for instance (called Half Georgian). Alternately, the tile’s design might be different (called Georgian Variant). The options are essentially limitless.

Victorian sash windows

Even though the Victorian sash window is similar to the Georgian form, it differs from the Georgian sash window in that the casement window has fewer tiles.

Two casement windows with two tiles each are included in the Victorian sash window. Alternative alternatives are available for this fashion. As an illustration, you may decide to have one casement window with two tiles and the other with just one tile.

Consider whether you want a single hung or double hung sash window when selecting the design of your uPVC sliding sash window. Your preference for vertical movement will determine which of these two you prefer.

Tilt and turn windows may be an option to consider if you like to combine horizontal and vertical mobility.

uPVC Sash Windows in grey

The grey form of uPVC sash windows is one of the most often used designs in the UK. You can select from a variety of grey hues, including light grey and anthracite, depending on your preferences.

uPVC Windows with a Wood Effect

The wood appearance uPVC sash window is a different style of well-liked sash window. This style of window mimics the appearance of real wood. This style of sash window maintains the energy-efficient qualities of contemporary uPVC windows while giving your home an authentic appearance.

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